Large Reserves and Strategic Ores

We provide the economic and financial feasibility services for new projects and in the purchase and sale of deposits, mining companies in operation and port terminals for mineral commodities.

As qualified interlocutors in the industry, we have established a broad global connection network, capable of identifying the acquisition most appropriate to each investor's profile and the best cost-benefit, or finding a buyer, investor, and / or strategic partner for the business.

In mining it is very common that deposits do not have a suitable geological exploration for sale. In such cases we are able to structure the business with owner capital or bring in investors, allocating capital effectively and efficiently to improve geological and / or process route research, multiplying the potential sales value.


We mainly work with:

- Purchase and sale of strategic mineral deposits

- Purchase and sale of deposits with high levels

- Buy and Sell Mining machines in operation

- Purchase and sale of port terminals for mineral commodities


In our Portfolio, we have strategic assets throughout Latin America:

More than 3 billion tons of mineral reserves


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