Who we are

We are experts in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and in the sale of commodities and real assets for agribusiness and mining industries, such as farms, forest assets, ore deposits and port and rail terminals.

Our expertise lies in connecting business opportunities to financial capital by combining technology, innovation capacity and strategic vision.

We have completed 26 transactions in recent years, including M&A deals, strategic and technological partnerships, securing financing, loans, government funding and subsidies. Additionally, we have published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers in national and international congresses or industry events.

We provide M&A and business development services.
We do not lend money.
We do not make equity investments.
We do not offer auditing services.
We do not manage funds.
We are not real estate brokers.
We do not offer consulting services.
We are not legal advisors.



Our mission is to structure businesses in Agribusiness, Mining, and Philanthropy that contribute to the development of Brazil by connecting business opportunities to financial capital.



What we do

Businesses Development

As experts in business development, we understand that a successful sale requires a thorough preparation of the company or asset. This includes identifying areas for improvement and developing strategies to increase value and liquidity. Our team specializes in proactively preparing businesses for the sales process, leveraging our expertise in the acquisition process and partnerships with national universities and innovation centers to add value to transactions and increase financial return for sellers while reducing risks for buyers. By ensuring that a business meets all necessary prerequisites, we increase the chances of finding potential buyers and closing the deal.

Sell Side Advisor

As a sell-side advisor, we are dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of the company or asset and its market. We perform in-depth analyses, create comprehensive marketing materials, identify and engage with potential buyers, and present the asset/company in the best possible light. We work to find buyers who have the capability and willingness to formally express their interest and complete the transaction. We are also here to support you throughout the entire process of deal structuring, due diligence, and negotiations.

Buy Side advisor

As a buy-side advisor, we offer our clients access to a comprehensive network of business connections across Brazil and around the world in the agribusiness, mining, and financial industries. Our team has the expertise and resources to thoroughly analyze the market and identify the most favorable investment opportunities to maximize returns on investment. Let us help you navigate the complex landscape of these industries and make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.