Who we are

We are specialists in the sale of large agribusiness assets, mining and infrastructure, such as farms, forestry assets, mineral reserves and port terminals, especially those for agricultural or mineral commodities.

Our expertise is in connect business opportunities to financial capital combining technology, innovation capacity and strategic vision.

We act in the purchase and sale of assets.
We do not make loans.
We do not make equity investments.
We do not offer audit services.
We do not manage resources.
We do not operate in the real estate market.



Develop business in Agribusiness, Mining, Infrastructure and Philanthropy that contribute to the development of Brazil, connecting business opportunities to financial capital.



What we do

New Business Development for Sale

Business development is a very frequent need in mining, specifically when there is no adequate study of the mineral reserve or agribusiness, underutilized farms and with little knowledge of its potential, in addition to the lack of infrastructure. The development process can multiply the capital invested in addition to giving liquidity to the asset.

We know the acquisition process well and know exactly the points that can be developed to add value to the transaction, increasing the financial return for the asset. In these situations we can act with the seller's own capital or we can seek out minority investors to capitalize on the business and then develop it.

We are also partners of financial institutions that offer leaseback financial services for large farms, issuance of debentures and CRAs, among others.

Real Estate Management

In the intermediation of the sale we seek to understand the company or asset to sell, its market and to do a pre due diligence. We then map potential buyers and present the asset / company for sale (roadshows), receive proposals, support the structuring of the transaction, the final due diligence and conclusion.

We have strong relationships with large Investors Individuals, Multinational and National Companies, Pension Funds, Family Offices, Private Equities and Trading Companies.

Purchase Intermediation

We have a wide network of business relationships throughout Brazil and worldwide, encompassing agribusiness, mining and port infrastructure companies. We can find the most profitable business for your investment.

We operate in the Agribusiness, Mining, Infrastructure and Philanthropy and Small Business sectors for medium and large companies.

Buying and selling farms, forestry assets, port areas and deposits.